VIDEO – Short Film on Frank Rampolla 1971

This short film was done by a Film Student at University of South Florida, Nick Paul. It was his graduate thesis shortly after Frank Rampolla’s death in 1971. The narration in this film is taken from the writing of William McCracken, humanities teacher at USF.


VIDEO – Remembering Frank Rampolla – Roundtable Panel Discussion

Watch this Roundtable Discussion from the Remembering Frank Rampolla Exhibit at Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. Members of the panel include:

  • Ron Rampolla, ¬†(Son)
  • Fiore Custode, (Friend + Colleague)
  • Lynn Whitelaw, (Curator)
  • Robert Sindelir, (Friend + Gallery Owner)
  • Eric Lang Peterson, (Art Collector)
  • Bruce Marsh, (Friend + Colleague)
  • Tom Kettner, (Former Rampolla Student + Printmaker)


Discussion topics include:

  • Frank Rampolla as a man + artist from those who knew him best.
  • An insider look into Frank Rampolla’s history, education, and training.
  • The¬†legacy of his work and as an educator
  • Personal stories + photographs of Frank Rampolla